LR Laboratories

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LR Laboratories applies the practice of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) to modern day health problems. We are committed to improve human life by researching and developing safe and effective natural medicine without negative side effects. All of our products hold natural product licenses certified by Health Canada.


LR Laboratories is a leader in natural medicine research in Canada. By combining the traditional medicine theories and the western scientific analyse and technologies, LR focuses on researching effective formula for chronic diseases which are safe for regular and prolonged use. Since its establishment in year 2000, LR has developed innovative natural medicines for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, ED, men’s prostate problems, sleep disorder, women’s health, weight management diabetes and so on. All of LR’s products, which include Arthron5, Power16, Recapture and Harmony+O, have successfully obtained a Natural Product Number from Health Canada.

LR Laboratories is committed to improving human’s health in a safe and natural way.